Kinetic’s Retail Experience Platform.

The Kinetic Commerce Platform was created with global retail partners to be the most comprehensive connected retail experience platform in the market.
Digital and Physical

Digital and physical retail working in harmony.

The Kinetic Commerce Platform enables you to unify your digital and physical retail experience so that you can create more seamless online-to-offline shopping journeys for your customers and empower your store associates to sell smarter, deliver superior service and operate more efficiently.

One platform.
A suite of connected retail technology.

The Kinetic Commerce Platform equips you with a suite of turnkey solutions that you can customize and bring to market with unmatched speed and efficiency.
World of Connections
Customer Apps

Customer Apps

Connect your customers’ online and offline shopping journey with mobile apps that deliver the most seamless experience they’ve ever had.

Associate Apps

Associate Apps

Equip your associates with mobile and tablet apps that empower them to sell smarter, deliver superior service, and maximize operational efficiency.
Interactive Displays<br />

Interactive Displays

Bring all the benefits of digital commerce into your stores with interactive displays that will enrich your retail experience and drive sales.

Web-to-Store Modules<br />

Web-to-Store Modules

Connect your site with your stores and associates, including in-store pickup, product reservations, appointment booking and event RSVPs.

Kinetic Commerce was built from the inside out working with leading retail CTOs, CIOs and their IT teams to seamlessly integrate with an array of major retail systems and enable you to bring new solutions to market with maximum efficiency.

Startup Speed.
Enterprise Scale.

The Kinetic Commerce Platform offers pre-built integrations with your existing retail systems and equips you with flexible building blocks to create new solutions with blistering speed and limitless scale.

Startup Speed. Enterprise Scale.

/ Your Technology Stack

Pre-built integrations with your existing retail systems, including eComm, inventory, OMS, payment, POS, CRM, CMS and analytics.

/ Kinetic Commerce Platform

Micro-service architecture designed for retail. Equips you with building blocks to create and deliver solutions with speed and efficiency.

/ Kinetic Commerce Solutions

Flexible SDKs, APIs and libraries that enable you to create the exact experience you want across each Kinetic Commerce solution.


/ Application Layer

Enable rapid app development with full creative control. Kinetic’s comprehensive SDKs and expansive front-end libraries enable you to create and launch beautiful apps. With a suite of white-label solutions that you can configure and have ready to launch within days.


/ Services Layer

Composable micro-service architecture specifically designed for retail. Enables you to build enterprise solutions with speed, scale, security and resilience. With modular APIs and pre-built connectors to help you accelerate development time and allow for rapid sharing between systems and apps.


/ Integration Layer

Pre-built integrations and connectors with major eCommerce, inventory, warehouse management, order management, payment, CRM, content management and analytics platforms. Kinetic Commerce was designed to be system agnostic and to easily enable third-party integrations.


The Kinetic Commerce Platform offers safe and secure integrations with dozens of major retail systems and third-party platforms.

/ eComm

/ Inventory

/ Payment

/ PoS




/ Marketing



/ Analytics

/ Social

/ 3rd-Party

/ Messaging

/ Giftcards

/ Wayfinding

/ Maps

/ Beacons

/ Parking

Enterprise SaaS

Drive performance and reduce costs while continuously innovating. Kinetic Commerce provides you with a robust enterprise SaaS solution optimized for speed, scale and security.

/ Cloud Based

Safe and secure cloud infrastructure optimized for speed, stability and performance with endless scale.


/ 24-7 Support

Dedicated support with rapid response time from Kinetic’s skilled and passionate support team.

/ 99.9% Uptime

Guaranteed 99.9% uptime across all Kinetic Commerce systems and applications.

/ Continuous Updates

Regular platform updates with ongoing development of new features and functionality.


/ Flawless Experience

Crafted through countless hours of real-world user testing to perfect the experience and performance of every feature.

/ Creative Control

Full creative control to design any experience you can imagine with flexibility to change and add new features on the fly.

/ Conversion Optimized

Seamless shopping and instant checkout experiences that were tested and optimized to drive conversion on each device.

/ Central Management

Manage platform content and communications across each touchpoint through one central management tool.

/ Seamless Integration

Pre-built integrations and connectors for major commerce, inventory, OMS, payment, CRM, CMS and analytics platforms.

/ Rapid Development

Build, integrate, deploy and manage apps with rapid speed. You can have new apps in market within just weeks.

/ Continuous Innovation

Benefit from continuous ongoing retail and platform innovation driven by Kinetic’s world-class design and innovation lab.

/ Continuous Delivery

Enable shorter software delivery cycles, continuously adapt to market feedback and shifts to business strategy.

/ Deep Insights

Generate detailed customer and store analytics by tracking and measuring performance across every touchpoint.

/ Iterative Testing

Bring new apps to market with unmatched speed. Test and refine features through rapid iteration based on market feedback.

/ Endless Scale

Adaptable micro-service architecture for isolated feature development enabling endless scale and recovery.

/ Multi-Layered Security

Multi-layered security at all levels including intelligent WAF rules, dedicated connections and careful data monitoring.

Kinetic Clients

Kinetic has collaborated with talented teams at leading global retailers to produce some of the most inspiring work in the retail industry.
Canadian Tire
Ivanhoé Cambridge

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