The future of retail experience.

Kinetic Commerce is a leading retail technology and design firm based out of Toronto, with locations in New York and Montreal.

We empower you to bring your digital and physical retail experience together so that you can create more seamless shopping journeys for your customers and empower your associates to sell smarter, operate more efficiently and deliver superior service.

Kinetic helps you future-proof your retail experience.

Kinetic's business includes three core pillars designed to empower retail agility and drive retail experience transformation from concept to scale.



A SaaS platform that seamlessly integrates with retailers existing systems and equips them with flexible building blocks to create connected retail solutions.

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A suite of turnkey connected reatil solutions for customers and associates that retailers can customize and bring to market with unmatched speed and efficiency.

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A design and technology lab that helps retailers create next-generation connected retail experiences while continuously driving new platform innovation.

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Thinkers. Makers. Doers.

Kinetic Commerce is led by a hand-picked team of world-class designers, engineers, futurists, strategists and entrepreneurs.

_staff/img_staff_david-d.png David Dougherty
Co-founder, President, Chief Creative Officer
_staff/img_staff_troy-m.png Troy Michaud
Chief Technology Officer
_staff/img_staff_scott-b.png Scott Bryan
Chief Financial Officer, General Counsel in Operations
_staff/img_staff_chris-c.png Chris Carder
Co-founder, Board Chair
_staff/img_staff_natasha-a.jpg Natasha Adams
Director of Talent and Culture
_staff/img_staff_chris-a.png Chris Andreoli
Director of Key Accounts
_staff/img_staff_trevor-o.png Trevor Oke
Director of Platform Operations
_staff/img_staff_matt-p.png Matthew Patience
Director of Application Development
_staff/img_staff_leigh-s.png Leigh Sandison
Director of Strategy
_staff/img_staff_austin-z.png Austin Ziegler
Director of Platform Engineering
img_about_staff_missing-image.png Ara An
Product Designer
_staff/img_staff_steve-a.png Steve Andrews
Labs Engineer
_staff/img_staff_michael-a.jpg Michael Antoine
Product Manager
_staff/img_staff_daniel-b.jpg Daniel Bloemendal
Platform Engineer
_staff/img_staff_tara-c.jpg Tara Caldwell
Product Designer
_staff/img_staff_richard-c.jpg Richard Chen Zheng
Systems Administrator
_staff/img_staff_sady-d.png Sady Ducros
Head of Experience Design
_staff/img_staff_mauricio-f.png Mauricio Esteves Filho
Mobile Engineer (iOS)
_staff/img_staff_aleem-h.jpg Aleem Hudani
Controller, Operations
_staff/img_staff_kevin-j.jpg Kevin Johnson
Platform Engineer
_staff/img_staff_nitish-k.jpg Nitish Kasturia
Senior Mobile Engineer
_staff/img_staff_laura-l.png Laura Lamanna
Q&A Engineer, QA
_staff/img_staff_nitin-m.png Nitin Malik
Platform Engineer
_staff/img_staff_cameron-m.png Cameron Mitchell
Product Manager
_staff/img_staff_dave-p.jpg Dave Power
Senior Project Manager
_staff/img_staff_jordan-r.png Jordan Ratandawong
Platform Engineer
_staff/img_staff_erica-s.png Erica Sokolovskaia
Interaction Designer

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