Booking Management.
Create seamless booking experiences.

Enable your customers to book appointments, register for events, and schedule pickup orders with a fast and simple booking platform that is designed for retail.

/ Appointment Booking

Enable your customers to book appointments with associates in your stores or with virtual associates online.

/ Events & Classes

Create, deliver and manage special events and classes in your stores or virtual events and classes online.

/ Pickup Management

Enable your customers to schedule pickups and equip your associates with a pickup management solution.

/ Associate Console

Manage all appointment bookings, pickup orders and event registrations with a central web console.

The Kinetic platform provides a suite of booking solutions that are specifically designed for retail. You can customize and bring each solution to maket within just days.

Appointment Booking

Create a seamless appointment booking experience for your customers.

Enable your customers to discover your service menu and book appointments with associates in your stores, or with virtual associates online.

/ View your service menu
/ Select a service format
/ View your service schedule
/ Book a service time
/ Receive booking notifications
/ Rate the booking experience

Equip your associates with an easy-to-use appointment booking management solution.

Create and publish your service menu. Setup and manage your service schedules. Receive booking notifications and view your appointment calendar. The Kinetic platform equips your associates with a modern booking management solution that is feature-rich and easy-to-use.

Deliver virtual appointments online.

The Kinetic platform allows your customers to book virtual consultations, that can be delivered by your associates online via live chat or video chat, using Kinetic's Virtual Associate Platform.

& Classes

Keep your customers engaged with special events and classes.

The Kinetic platform provides you with an end-to-end solution to create, deliver and manage events and classes, in your stores and online.

Enable your customers to browse your calendar and register.

Customers can discover and browse your event calendar, view comprehensive event details, and register for events they wish to attend. Events can be single-day or multiday with multiple sessions that customers can register for.

Equip your associates with robust event management tools.

The Kinetic platform enables your associates to create and manage your event / class calendar, send invitations to your customers, manage guest lists, and send personal folowwups to attendees.

Deliver events in your stores or online.

Customers can register for events and classes in your stores, or you can deliver events and classes online via video chat, using Kinetic's Virtual Associate Platform.


Schedule and manage in-store or curbside pickup orders.

Deliver a seamless in-store or curbside pickup experience to your customers by enabling them to schedule their pickup time and equipping your associates with an end-to-end pickup management solution.

Enable customers to schedule pickup times.

Send your customers pickup order confirmations that enable them to schedule their pickup time at your store. Customers can select a day and time that works best for them and receive notifications when their order is ready.

Equip your associates with robust pickup management tools.

The Kinetic platform enables your associates to receive and manage pickup orders with a comprehensive pickup scheduler and picklist management tool.

Associate Console

Manage appointments, events and pickups with a central console.

Enable your associates to manage appointments, pickup orders, events and classes with central booking management console.

/ View Booking List & Calandar
/ Receive Booking Notifications
/ Create Services & Events
/ Manage Service & Event Schedule
/ Manage Event Guest lists
/ Receive & Manage Pickup Orders

Capture customer data and view performance dashboards.

Capture new customer data, drive sign-ups to your marketing / CRM programs and view detailed performance reports. The Kinetic Commerce Platform includes pre-built integrations with major marketing, CRM and analytics platforms.

Powered by the Kinetic Commerce Platform.

Each Kinetic Commerce product and solution is powered by the Kinetic Commerce SaaS Platform that enables you to bring new solutions to market with startup speed and limitless scale.

Connecting through the Kinetic Commerce Platform Connecting through the Kinetic Commerce Platform

/ Your Technology Stack
Pre-built integrations with your existing retail systems, including eComm, inventory, OMS, payment, POS, CRM, CMS and analytics.

/ Kinetic Commerce Platform
Micro-service architecture designed for retail that equips you with building blocks to create and deliver solutions with speed and efficiency.

/ Kinetic Commerce Solutions
Flexible SDKs, APIs and libraries that enable you to create the exact experience you want across each Kinetic Commerce solution.

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Enterprise SaaS

Drive performance and reduce costs while continuously innovating. Kinetic Commerce provides you with a robust enterprise SaaS solution optimized for speed, scale and security.

/ Cloud Based
Safe and secure cloud infrastructure optimized for speed, stability and performance with endless scale.

/ 24-7 Support
Dedicated support with rapid response time from Kinetic’s skilled and passionate support team.

/ 99.9% Uptime
Guaranteed 99.9% uptime across all Kinetic Commerce systems and applications.

/ Continuous Updates
Regular platform updates with ongoing development of new features and functionality.