Bring all the benefits of digital to your sales floor.

Empower your customers and associates to shop from your entire product catalog and engage with your brand and marketing content. Bring endless product choices and fulfillment options to all of your retail stores.

/ Product Discovery

Give your customers instant access to your full product catalog so they never leave the store disappointed.

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/ Brand Inspiration

Inspire your customers with brand content and drive sales with targeted marketing campaigns and promotions.

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/ Instant Self-Service

Equip customers with instant self-service tools that guide them through every step of their purchase experience.

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/ Empowered Associates

Enable associates to sell smarter and sell more by using the Interactive Store as an invaluable assisted selling tool.

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Create a flawless Interactive Store experience on tablets and large interactive displays. Kinetic Commerce provides you with dynamic menus and templates that can be designed to fit any product catalog and comprehensive SDKs that enable you to create exactly the right experience for your brand.

Product Discovery

Give your customers endless product choices.

Bring all your products to your sales floor without having to increase the size of your stores. Let your customers browse and shop for products from your full online catalog and never have to leave your stores disappointed.

Inform and inspire your customers with rich product content.

Engage your customers with a beautiful presentation of rich product content including detailed product information and valuable purchase decision aids to close the sale.

/ Price, Size, Color
/ Features and Specs
/ Ratings and Reviews
/ Photos and Videos
/ Complementary Products
/ Brand and Social Content

Help your customers find exactly what they are looking for.

Make finding products a breeze with quick and intuitive navigation, lightning fast search and comprehensive filters. Customers can also scan products to instantly view and interact with extended brand and product content.

An always-ready and always-relevant digital concierge.

Give customers access to an intelligent concierge tool that will help them discover products and make recommendations based on their specific needs.

Instant Self-Service

Equip customers with seamless self-service tools from browse to checkout.

Create a frictionless shopping experience with fast and convenient self-service tools designed to guide your customers through every step of their purchase decision.

Create product lists and compare options.

Help customers research, know their options and make informed purchase decisions. Customers can create product lists and view side-by-side product comparisons. And if they aren't ready to purchase, customers can send product lists and comparisons to their mobile device or email address.

Instantly find inventory at any store location.

Enable customers to instantly check store inventory and find inventory at other store locations nearby. Customers can even view alternative 'in-stock' product suggestions for items that aren't currently available in the store.

Request assistance the moment it is needed.

Empower your customers to request assistance the moment they need it. Ask for product advice and perspective. Have products brought to the sales floor. Hold products at other store locations. Or even start a fitting room with products they would like to try on.

Purchase products with safe and secure checkout.

Close the sale by letting customers purchase products from the Interactive Store. Customers can purchase products directly within the Interactive Store, push their shopping cart to your store POS/MPOS, or push their shopping cart to their personal mobile device for self-checkout.

Brand Content

Create in-the-moment inspiration with contextual content.

Tell your brand and product stories. Inspire customers with presentation of brand and lifestyle content including graphic, photo, editorial, video and audio content.

Bring your social content and community into your stores.

Humanize your produce merchandise and help customers identify with your brand community by showcasing editorial and social content from your blog and social media profiles.

Drive sales with targeted marketing campaigns and promotions.

Deliver marketing campaigns and promotions to your stores. Let your customers instantly browse through store sales/promotions and interact with your marketing content. Leverage the Interactive Store as ambient digital signage to deliver marketing communications while the screens are not in use with day-parting and geo-targeting options.

Assisted Selling

Empower your associates to sell smarter and sell more.

Provide your associates with a powerful sales tool that will enable them to drive incremental sales by putting instant product knowledge and valuable assisted selling tools at their fingertips and allowing them to sell your full product catalog. Endless Shelves can be situated in fixed positions throughout your sales floor or free for associates to use while servicing customers anywhere in the store.

/ Customer Engagement
Help customers explore your full product catalog and inspire them with seasonal brand and marketing content.
/ Product Knowledge
Answer any product question with instant access to detailed product information and content.
/ Assisted Selling
Drive incremental sales with intelligent cross-selling, up-selling and alternative product suggestions.
/ Real-time Inventory
Instantly find stock and sell products from other store locations, your online catalog and from drop-ship partners.
/ Flexible Fulfillment
Full OMS integration with multiple delivery options including in-store pickup and home delivery.
/ Seamless Checkout
Checkout customers with safe and secure integration with major payment, gateways, mPOS and order management systems.


/ Incremental sales revenue

Increase average order value and conversions by empowering your stores to sell products from your full online catalog, other store locations and drop-ship partners. Bring rich product info into your stores with enhanced cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

/ Optimized retail space

Significantly expand your product assortment without needing to expand the size of your stores. Reduce the number of physical products needed on your sales floor, removing clutter and creating optimal space for stronger visual merchandising and experience design.

/ Empower store associates

Turn every associate into a product expert. Provide associates with an invaluable assisted selling tool to that puts instant product knowledge at their fingertips and enables them to avoid lost sales by selling products from your full product catalog.

/ New marketing channel

Tell brand stories and engage your customers in-the-moment with compelling content. Establish a new channel that enables you to deliver highly-targeted marketing promotions to your stores that can be changed instantly for a fraction of the cost of print.


/ Multi-platform / Device

All features and functionality available on tablet (iOS and Android) and interactive displays.

/ Optimized for Conversion

Seamless shopping experience designed, tested and optimized through countless of user testing across each platform and device.

/ Full Creative Control

Flexible templates optimized through consistent user testing with extensive front-end libraries and comprehensive SDKs that give you full creative control.

/ Catalog Management

Manage product catalogs and content across stores with control of categories, pricing, language and currency.

/ Pre-built Integrations

Pre-built integrations with major ecommerce, inventory, OMS, payment, CRM, CMS and analytics platforms.

/ Limitless Scalability

Elastic architecture with highly-scalable cloud infrastructure allows you to scale as fast as you want without worrying about performance.

/ Multi-layered Security

Keep all of your information safe and secure. Including intelligent WAF rules, dedicated connections and careful data monitoring.

/ Safe and Secure Checkout

Secure checkout including PCI standard integration with major payment gateways, order management and warehouse management systems.

/ Real-time Monitoring

Comprehensive monitoring at all layers (software, hardware and network) with real-time reports and event-based alerts / notifications.

/ Analytics and Measurement

Generate detailed user analytics across all applications including full integration with major analytics platforms and A/B testing platforms.

/ Central App Management

Seamless design, development, deployment and management of multiple endless shelf apps across all of your stores with one central management platform.

/ Seamless Device Management

Seamless over-the-air installation and updates through best-in-breed Mobile Device Management (MDM) services.

Powered by the Kinetic Commerce Platform.

Each Kinetic Commerce product and solution is powered by the Kinetic Commerce SaaS Platform that enables you to bring new solutions to market with startup speed and limitless scale.

Connecting through the Kinetic Commerce Platform Connecting through the Kinetic Commerce Platform

/ Your Technology Stack
Pre-built integrations with your existing retail systems, including eComm, inventory, OMS, payment, POS, CRM, CMS and analytics.

/ Kinetic Commerce Platform
Micro-service architecture designed for retail that equips you with building blocks to create and deliver solutions with speed and efficiency.

/ Kinetic Commerce Solutions
Flexible SDKs, APIs and libraries that enable you to create the exact experience you want across each Kinetic Commerce solution.

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Enterprise SaaS

Drive performance and reduce costs while continuously innovating. Kinetic Commerce provides you with a robust enterprise SaaS solution optimized for speed, scale and security.

/ Cloud Based
Safe and secure cloud infrastructure optimized for speed, stability and performance with endless scale.

/ 24-7 Support
Dedicated support with rapid response time from Kinetic’s skilled and passionate support team.

/ 99.9% Uptime
Guaranteed 99.9% uptime across all Kinetic Commerce systems and applications.

/ Continuous Updates
Regular platform updates with ongoing development of new features and functionality.