Virtual Associate.
Empower your associates to drive sales online.

Equip your associates with clienteling and assisted selling tools that enable them to engage your customers and drive incremental sales online.

/ Virtual Consultations

Service customers in real-time via live chat and video chat consultations.

/ Customer Directory

Discover your customers' preferences and build detailed customer profiles.

/ Sales Companion

Make personal product suggestions and create product lists for customers.

/ Associate Console

Manage all customer service with robust workflow management tools.

Current online customer service solutions were designed to enable basic customer support. Kinetic’s virtual associate platform empowers your associates to deliver the same type of personalized service they offer customers in stores to customers online.

Live Chat & Video Chat

Create real customer connections in real-time.

Enable your associates to engage customers the moment they need support and deliver personal consultations via live chat and video chat.

Engage customers the moment they need help.

Greet your customers when they arrive on your site and be ready to offer support the moment they need it. Associates can receive or initiate chats with customers to answer questions and share product knowledge.

Have face-to-face customer consultations via video chat.

Enable your associates to provide personal consultations to your customers and do rich product demonstrations via video chat. Associates can initiate video chat consultations or customers can book consultations in advance.

Let your customers book virtual consultations.

Enable youe customers to book consultations with virtual assocaites in advance.

You can leverage Kinetic's full booking managmeent platform to create and deliver a seamless end-to-end booking experience.

Customer Directory

Equip your associates with comprehensive customer information.

Give your associates instant access to detailed customer profiles that enable them to deliver more meaningful service. Associates can create new customer profiles and sign-up customers to your CRM and loyalty programs.

Give your associates instant access to your customer directory.

Associates can view a complete history of each customer's interaction with your brand and products while servicing them.

Conduct quick personal assessments to capture customer preferences.

Associates can create forms and guide customers through quick personal assessments to discover and capture their unique needs and preferences.

Sign-up customers to your marketing and loyalty programs.

Associates can create new customer accounts and sign-up customers to your marketing and loyalty programs. The Kinetic Commerce Platform has pre-built integrations with major marketing, CRM and loyalgy platforms.

Sales Companion

Help your customers discover and purchase the right products.

Give your associates instant access to your full product catalog. Equip your associates with tools to quickly answer product questions and make meaningful product recommendations.

Instant access to your full product catalog.

Put detailed product information at your assocites fingertips. Associates can browse and search your full product catalog, view product details and check inventory (online and in-store).

Make quick and relevant product suggestions.

Enable your associates to send personal product suggestions to customers. Customers can view product details, add products to their shopping cart and proceed to checkout from within the live chat widget.

Curate personal product lists for customers.

Enable your associates to create personal product lists for customers. Customers can view product details and purchase products from within the live chat widget, or receive their product list via email. Associates can create, save and manage product lists for quick access while servicing customers.

Associate Console

Manage all customer sessions with a central web console.

Enable your associates to manage customer service with a central web console that equips them with robust team collaboration, workflow management and reporting tools.

LiveChat console enriched with Kinetic Commerce apps.

We combine Livechat's industry leading live chat management platform with Kinetic's industry leading associate apps to offer retailers the most comprehensive online customer service solution available in the market.

/ Customer Management
/ Team Collaboration
/ Workflow Management
/ Chatbot Management
/ Reports & Analytics
/ Security & Privacy


Create a new sales channel that will differentiate your site experience and drive incremental revenue for your business.

/ Personalized Experience

Create a highly personalized shopping experience for each and every customer on your site.

/ Competitive Differentiation

Leverage your associates to differentiate your site experience from your competitors.

/ New Sales Channel

Build a new direct sales channel that will drive incremental revenue for your business.

/ Higher Conversion Rate

Increase your conversion rate by leveraging the sales tactics of your associates on your site.

/ Higher Order Value

Increase items per transaction and average order via up-selling and cross-selling by your associates.

/ Optimized Sales Efficiency

Optimize your associates' downtime in your stores by enabling them to sell to customers on your site.

/ Extended Associate Hours

Enable your associates to connect with customers and sell products during off or extended hours.

/ Expanded Salesforce

Expand your network of sales associates by creating new online and affiliate sales roles.

/ Customer Data Capture

Leverage your associates to capture new and more comprehensive customer data on your site.

/ CRM & Loyalty Activation

Increase sign-ups to your marketing programs and registrations to your loyalty programs.

/ Customer Relationships

Build stronger and more lasting relationships between your customers and associates.

/ Business Intelligence

Generate comprehensive associate, customer and product performance analytics and insights.

Powered by the Kinetic Commerce Platform.

Each Kinetic Commerce product and solution is powered by the Kinetic Commerce SaaS Platform that enables you to bring new solutions to market with startup speed and limitless scale.

Connecting through the Kinetic Commerce Platform Connecting through the Kinetic Commerce Platform

/ Your Technology Stack
Pre-built integrations with your existing retail systems, including eComm, inventory, OMS, payment, POS, CRM, CMS and analytics.

/ Kinetic Commerce Platform
Micro-service architecture designed for retail that equips you with building blocks to create and deliver solutions with speed and efficiency.

/ Kinetic Commerce Solutions
Flexible SDKs, APIs and libraries that enable you to create the exact experience you want across each Kinetic Commerce solution.

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Enterprise SaaS

Drive performance and reduce costs while continuously innovating. Kinetic Commerce provides you with a robust enterprise SaaS solution optimized for speed, scale and security.

/ Cloud Based
Safe and secure cloud infrastructure optimized for speed, stability and performance with endless scale.

/ 24-7 Support
Dedicated support with rapid response time from Kinetic’s skilled and passionate support team.

/ 99.9% Uptime
Guaranteed 99.9% uptime across all Kinetic Commerce systems and applications.

/ Continuous Updates
Regular platform updates with ongoing development of new features and functionality.