Retail experience transformation.

Kinetic Commerce’s Professional Services is led by world-class Retail Solution Architects, Systems Integrators & Engineers who collaborate with our clients to envision and create flawless retail experiences.


Whether you are looking to add a Booking solution or completely transform your retail experience in unique ways, the Team Kinetic Commerce through the solution design and development process.

The Kinetic Commerce Platform is a composable architecture specifically designed for retail integrations. It enables you to build enterprise solutions with speed, scale, security, and resilience. Our modular APIs, prebuilt connectors, and SDKs help you accelerate development time and allow for rapid sharing between systems and apps.

/ Integrations

Kinetic Commerce was designed to be system agnostic and to easily enable third-party integrations. Our team can help you build a seamless retail technology stack that meets all your business needs.

/ Rapid Development

Kinetic Commerce specializes in iterative prototyping and user testing. We work closely with our clients to plan and conduct beta tests, controlled experiments, and pilot programs to validate new concepts fast prior to investing in full scale development.

/ Continuous Innovation

Drive agile innovation through consistent testing, learning and refinement. Kinetic Commerce is powered by a cutting-edge technology platform that provides you with flexible building blocks to continuously create new experiences with startup speed.

/ Custom Solutions

Keep in front of emergent customer, market and tech trends to plan for future commerce scenarios. Kinetic Commerce will help you identify opportunities to conceptualize and design next-generation products, services and experiences.

Engineering, Integration, and Rapid Deployment.

Engineering, Integration, and Rapid Deployment.

Kinetic Commerce Engineering employs a proven agile development and continuous delivery process to help our clients and partners bring software and apps to market with unmatched speed and efficiency.


/ Full Stack Development

/ Full Stack Development

/ Web, mobile, tablet, wearables
/ Kiosks and interactive displays
/ Emerging tech (IoT, AR, VR, AI)
/ Behavior and test-driven development

/ Deployment & Operations

/ Deployment & Operations

/ Continuous integration and deployment
/ Hardware and infrastructure planning
/ Monitoring (infrastructure, app, network)
/ 24-7 support and maintenance

/ Agile Program Delivery

/ Agile Program Delivery

/ Agile program management
/ Agile project management
/ Rigorous testing, QA, and UAT

Research, Development and Custom Solutions.

Kinetic Commerce’s research team helps our clients keep in front of emerging market and technology trends and provides them with intimate customer insights to make informed creative and strategic decisions.

Research, Development and Custom Solutions.

R&D Capabilities

/ Customer Insights

/ Customer Insights

/ Rapid ethnography
/ Customer context labs
/ Co-creation workshops
/ User Testing

/ User Testing

/ Usability workshops
/ Co-creation workshops
/ Service role-playing
/ Future Research

/ Future Research

/ Environmental scanning
/ Trend briefs/scenarios
/ Tech proof of concept


Each Kinetic Commerce solution is powered by the Kinetic Commerce Platform that enables you to bring new technologies to market with startup speed and limitless scale.

Mobile Commerce

Create a flawless mobile experiences for your customers. Kinetic Commerce enables you to connect your customers online to offline shopping journey with personalized content and tools that will keep them engaged whenever and however they wish to shop.

Mobile Commerce

/ Seamless Shopping

Engage your customers with a seamless mobile shopping experience from product discovery to checkout.

/ Personalization

Allow your customers to customize their brand and shopping experience to their personal taste and preferences.

/ Marketing & Loyalty

Drive incremental sales and build lasting customer relationships with mobile marketing and loyalty programs.

/ Store Connection

Connect your customers with your stores. Give them instant access to in-store content and self-service tools.

Connected Fitting Room

Connected Fitting Rooms

Enrich your customers’ fitting room experience with instant access to detailed product information and convenient self-service tools. Inspire them with matching product suggestions and allow them to request a new size, color or product to be brought to them in the fitting room.

/ Product Discovery

View detailed information and matching product suggestions for each product in the fitting room.

/ Product Requests

Request a new size, new color or new product to be brought to the fitting room.

/ Ambient Controls

Adjust the lighting and select a music playlist to listen to while in the fitting room.

/ Room Management

Associates can manage the fitting room experience on the Associate Mobile Application.

Connected Mall

Keep your shoppers engaged and in-the-know with everything happening at your malls and give them instant access to personalized content, tools and services that will enrich every step of their shopping experience.

Connected Mall

/ Mobile Marketing

Drive traffic and sales by keeping your customers engaged with everything that is happening at your malls.

/ Loyalty & Rewards

Deliver exclusive deals and offers to your highest value shoppers. Create and manage member cards and gift cards.

/ Personalization

Allow your shoppers to customize and personalize their shopping experience to their personal tastes and preferences.

/ In-Mall Experience

Greet shoppers when they arrive and give them instant access to convenient in-mall shopping tools and content.

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