Unify your digital and physical mall experience.

Give shoppers instant access to a live feed of mall content. Let them know what's new, what's trending, what's on sale and what's suggested for them.

/ Mobile Marketing

Drive traffic and sales by keeping your customers engaged with everything happening at your malls.

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/ Mall Directory

Give shoppers instant access to your mall info and help them find what they need the moment they need it.

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/ Personalization

Allow shoppers to customize and personalize their shopping experience to their tastes and preferences.

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/ In-Mall Experience

Deliver a seamless in-mall experience by giving shoppers instant access to personal shopping tools and content.

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"At Ivanhoe Cambridge we were looking for fast-scaling tech and customer-centric design with a single partner. We found this with Kinetic and their Kinetic Commerce platform. Kinetic has allowed us to move fast, scale big and create a truly unique shopper experience. "

- Tracy Smith, SVP Marketing & Innovation at Ivanhoe Cambridge

Mobile Marketing

Keep your shoppers engaged and in-the-know with everything happening at your malls.

Give shoppers instant access to a live feed of mall-wide content. Let them know what's new, what's trending, what's on sale and what's recommended for them.

/ Deals and Offers

/ News and Events

/ Cinema Showtimes

/ Social and Editorial

Reach them during moments of relevance.

Enhance your marketing mix with targeted mobile communications. Kinetic's solution enables you to create, deliver and manage mobile marketing campaigns that will drive mall traffic, increase shopper engagement an generate incremental sales.

/ Direct Mobile Marketing

Deliver direct mobile messages to target shopper lists.

/ Location-Based Notifications

Deliver notifications when shoppers enter a POI in your malls.

/ Event-Triggered Notifications

Deliver notifications to customers based on interaction with your app.

Make sure they never miss a sale or event.

Enable your shoppers to set up personal reminders to receive instant notifications the moment a relevant deal or event is happening.

Mall Directory

Put all of your mall's information at your shoppers' fingertips.

Enable shoppers to instantly find anything they are looking for the moment they need it. With intelligent search and intuitive navigation that was designed tested and optimized for mobile usability. Shoppers can search by store, brand or product with autocomplete, instant-fill and suggestive results.

Provide them with the store information they need.

Give shoppers comprehensive store information, from featured deals and events to hours of operation, contact info and location in the mall with the ability to view the closest mall entrance and receive step-by-step directions to the store.

Help them plan their trip to your mall.

Give shoppers comprehensive store information, from featured deals and events to hours of operation, contact info and location in the mall with the ability to view the closest mall entrance and receive step-by-step directions to the store.

Google Maps Uber

Personalized Experience

Empower your shoppers to personalize their experience with your malls.

Give shoppers full control to create and manage their shopper profiles with an array of personalized features and content.

/ Shopping Preferences
/ Shopping Lists
/ Saved Deals
/ Gift Cards
/ Member Cards
/ Personal Offers

Let them tell you what their personal shopping interests are.

Greet your shoppers with a personal onboarding process that enables them to customize their app experience to their shopping preferences. Then provide them with personalized deals and offers based on their profile details.

Enable them to manage their gift and member cards in one place.

Shoppers are tired of carrying cards and signing into numerous websites just to check their gift card balances. Enable them to instantly check and manage all their cards, points and balances anytime from the comfort of their mobile device.

In-Mall Experience

Leverage mobility to unify your shoppers digital and physical mall shopping experience.

Connect your shoppers with your malls and give them instant access to personal content and convenient tools that will deliver the most seamless mall shopping experience they've ever had.

/ What's Happening Now?
/ Suggested Deals and Offers
/ Instant Mall Service Requests
/ Save My Parking Spot
/ Interactive Maps and Wayfinding
/ Location-Based Experiences

Equip them with a personal mall concierge.

Enable shoppers to quickly input the type of products they're looking for and provides them with relevant product matches and personal product recommendations.

Help them to find and get to what they're looking for.

Where are my favourite stores? Where is the closest ATM? How do I get to my parking spot? Empower your customers to instantly find what they are looking for and determine the best and quickest way to get to it. Designed through countless hours of real-world user testing Kinetic's platform provides the most user-friendly mobile wayfinding experience on the market. With pre-built integrations with the top mapping solutions available.


Show them what to discover and reward them along the way.

Surprise and delight your shoppers with location-based deals, offers and experiences throughout your malls.

Add a new in-mall mobile experience to your existing mall apps.

Add a new in-mall mobile experience to your existing mall apps.

Digital Mall Directories

Help your shoppers find what they are looking for and browse through deals, offers and special events happening in your mall. Kinetic Commerce enables your to design, build and manage directories on tablet devices that you can position anywhere in your mall.

/ Mall Directory

Instant browsing of your mall directory to find what they're looking for.

/ Interactive Map

Seamless interaction with your mall map optimized for usability.

/ Deals and Offers

Integration of deals, promotions and events happening in the mall.

/ Mobile Connection

Instantly send store locations, deals and offers to their mobile device.

One platform for all your mall apps.

Architecture designed to integrate and scale to fit the needs of your entire app ecosystem.


/ Multi-Platform / Device

All application features and functionality are available on mobile, tablet and wearable devices on iOS and Android.

/ Flexible Creative Control

Flexible templated optimized through consistent user testing with extensive front-end libraries and comprehensive SDKs that give you full creative control.

/ Central App Management

Seamless design, development, deployment and management of multiple applications across all of your mall locations with one central management platform.

/ Deal and Offer Management

Create, deliver and manage deals, offers and events through one central management platform. Personalize deals and offers to user profile data.

/ Gift and Member cards

Create, deliver and manage gift cards and member/loyalty cards. Deliver points and coupons and consolidate / top-up gift card balances.

/ Seamless Wayfinding

Best in-breed wayfinding, including real-time positioning, turn-by-turn routing and seamless integration with leading mapping solutions.

/ Location-Based Notifications

Configure and manage direct and location/proximity-based notifications including integration with major CRM/marketing platforms(Salesforce Marketing Cloud).

/ Pre-built Integrations

Pre-built integrations with major CMS, CRM, marketing, mapping, wayfinding parking, gift cards, beacon/indoor positioning and analytics platforms.

/ Limitless Scalability

Elastic architecture with highly scalable cloud infrastructure allows you to scale as fast as you want without worrying about performance.

/ Multi-Layered Security

Multi-layered security to keep all of your information safe and secure. Including intelligent WAF rules, dedicated connections and careful data monitoring.

/ Real-Time Monitoring

Comprehensive monitoring at all layers (software, hardware and network) with real-time reports and event-based alerts/notifications.

/ Analytics and Measurement

Generate detailed user analytics across applications including full integration with major analytics platforms and A/B testing platforms.

Powered by the Kinetic Commerce Platform.

Each Kinetic Commerce product and solution is powered by the Kinetic Commerce SaaS Platform that enables you to bring new solutions to market with startup speed and limitless scale.

Connecting through the Kinetic Commerce Platform Connecting through the Kinetic Commerce Platform

/ Your Technology Stack
Pre-built integrations with your existing retail systems, including eComm, inventory, OMS, payment, POS, CRM, CMS and analytics.

/ Kinetic Commerce Platform
Micro-service architecture designed for retail that equips you with building blocks to create and deliver solutions with speed and efficiency.

/ Kinetic Commerce Solutions
Flexible SDKs, APIs and libraries that enable you to create the exact experience you want across each Kinetic Commerce solution.

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Enterprise SaaS

Drive performance and reduce costs while continuously innovating. Kinetic Commerce provides you with a robust enterprise SaaS solution optimized for speed, scale and security.

/ Cloud Based
Safe and secure cloud infrastructure optimized for speed, stability and performance with endless scale.

/ 24-7 Support
Dedicated support with rapid response time from Kinetic’s skilled and passionate support team.

/ 99.9% Uptime
Guaranteed 99.9% uptime across all Kinetic Commerce systems and applications.

/ Continuous Updates
Regular platform updates with ongoing development of new features and functionality.